Battle Castles


Point, click, boom


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The goal in Battle Castles is to protect your Castle through 24 stages filled with enemies.

To protect your castle, you will have to sink enemy ships by firing your cannons.

It is not easy, you will have to sink a lot of ships at the same time. You are only one and they are a lot of ships with the same objective: Your castle. If your flag falls, you are lost, so try to defend your castle as you can.

With a classical look, Battle Castles will be loved by gamers because of its simplicity and speed, and you know that those are very important keys for players to become hooked.

Prepare yourself, you will need all your mouse skill to win the battles.

In addition, it’s not only firing. You will be able to fortify your castle buying extras with your points.

The demo version allows you to play the 3 first levels

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